Let’s do Positive – Who’s in with me?

This morning it happened again, all is good.  I get up, I have the possibility and resources to make breakfast for my family, I take a lovely clean warm private shower, I choose from a bunch of cloths what to wear, I have a friendly tuck tuck driver waiting for us to drive the kids and me to the school, he drives me back home, outside I enjoy a cool temperature (what is good and pretty exceptional, living in Thailand).  I come home make tea and get myself to work.  All this is great and I ‘should’ have a feeling of joy/happiness/ or a kind of enjoyable present emotion.  Even that I can’t say I’m totally negative (that part of me I left behind some time ago, joehoeee!!!)  but at the same time there was a nagging negative feeling stuck to me, like a grey cloud following me the entire time.
It’s done, I won’t ignore it anymore or fight it each time again. Let’s do Positive! I read a lot about rewiring the brain, the science behind it and the practice, by personal experience I know it is possible (I’m an ex-negaholic).  It’s time to dig in deeper.

As from 29/11/2017 I will extend my personal experience regarding positive emotions and how I’m responsible for my own mind and thinking, by putting myself in a love and kindness meditative state every day.
Science confirms these days that the positive emotions generated by this practice will:
– Reduce negative traits (that is my major motivator)
– Recover better/quicker from stressors (hmmm will be useful too)
– Cardio vascular system recover faster (no indicator something wrong there but definitely       positive)
Self generate positive emotions (yes!!!)
Better general physical health (good take away)

I invite you to join me in the test, I will post a guided love and kindness meditation every day.  No unicorns or rainbows, just sitting around 15-20 minutes each day, you choose when, and let’s show our mind who’s in charge.

Let’s take it step by step, as from 29/11/2017

When we practice loving kindness and compassion
we are the first ones to profit

2 thoughts on “Let’s do Positive – Who’s in with me?

  1. I did 90 days of LK meditation last year as part of my personal portfolio of positive psychology interventions on me and the results, tracked by psychological scales, were amazing! You’re up for a great experience!


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