Leaders with a mission

Mindfulness in action

Why is mindfulness important in leadership?

Mindful leadership helps you live with intention, strengthening your ability to connect to others and yourself, as well as your ability to lead change effectively.

A mindful leader embodies leadership presence by cultivating focus, clarity, creativity, and compassion in the services of others together with others.

Leaders who are highly self-aware, identify strongly with being a leader and are highly self-efficacious are more likely to be effective leaders.

Research showed that mindfulness training may be uniquely positioned to provide leaders with a method useful to engage in continuous self-development by providing them with a practical tool that aids them in gaining awareness and manage their own and others’ emotions more effectively.

Impact leaders are strong in
– information processing and decision-making
– relationship quality and communication
– ability to lead organizational change 
– change organizational culture

Having a higher attention regulation, emotion regulation and self-regulation capacity is key to be on top of the game. It’s paramount for leaders to see patterns and dynamics without judging.

What can you expect?

Keynote speaker about Mindfulness in action.

Interventions in the workspace together with employees to increase mindfulness.

Mindfulness in action for leaders – L’ets craft together what is needed for your organization.