“I’m lucky to have met Ann.  She helped me do great things for myself.
She has taught me to increase my motivations, destroy my fears and go after my goals.
Including taking planes after 7 years of aviophobia, accepting to go back to my life and myself after my husband passed away, and motivating me to get my business successful again.  Thank you so very much”
Aurelie Doye 

“Ann asked the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions in the process of rebuilding my life. She helped me find back my real values, and eliminate assumptions and believes, barrier to achieve my goals.
She introduced me to the concepts of being present, accepting myself and making space. She helped me to focus and prioritize tasks that were crucial to my goals. I am a better person today because of the coaching I received from Ann.”
Sophiene Jebabli

“J’ai découvert avec Ann et grâce à son coaching, qu’il était possible de se surpasser, de contourner ses propres obstacles et de mettre en place des dispositifs pour construire sereinement son futur.
Au fil de nos rencontres, au tout commencement d’ailleurs, les « résultats” positifs sont impressionnants.
De par sa technique, son savoir, sa disponibilité, mais aussi son optimisme naturel, sa profonde gentillesse et de son charisme, Ann réussit à allier professionnalisme et plaisir!
Je suis heureuse de l’avoir rencontrée et d’avoir fait cette expérience!”
Nathalie Laplace

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