Throughout my life, I always have been seeking for new challenges.
When moving to Thailand, Bangkok, I left behind a satisfying and flourishing career through different industries and international companies.
Reevaluating my life goals arriving in Bangkok, I choose to work as a volunteer English teacher in the slums.
After an important live changing choice, I discovered coaching, and I live my profession since.

Since my young adulthood I have been extremely interested in mindfulness doing a lot of selfstudy.  By living in Thailand and Cambodia, both countries where the culture is embedded with the buddhist philosophy, a dream came true.
Many people that crossed my path throughout those years were reflecting on, studying or teaching buddhist philosophy.  They were monks, teachers and friends searching to live a fuller life.  Practically every day I was blessed to learn from my environment and incorporate the way of mindful living into my life in a kind way.
This was, is, and will be, of course, a life long journey.
A wise person once told me, “to truly learn, be a teacher”.
This is why I started a 2 years intensive course, The Mindfulness and Meditation teacher certification program with Tara Brach and Jack Cornfield.

My curiosity regarding the impact our feelings, thinking, biases and being have on our life makes me selfstudy about, NLP, positive psychology (studied course with Barbara Fredrickson), Self compassion and the power of the mind researches.

I’m a MMS certified life coach.
Trained and mentored by Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, Lynn Steward and Michael Pomije.
Watch ICF Master PCC certified coach Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott in the first coaching documentary LEAP. LEAP 

Being multi language, Flemish/Dutch, French and English, enables me to respond to an international interest.
Coaching conversations can be held by video conference, in a safe space or the green environment of a park.

Feel free to reach out for a first conversation.